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24 IF I’m uncomfortable with anything about what another person {even a person in an apparently non-dual state} thinks or feels or even does (like Bernadette Roberts & her feelings about Jesus Christ), it really says something about ME, does(n’t) it(?) Remember, try to be sincere, not so serious, but serious is OK too OK? BUT, it’s just . . . serious, i.e.: not very joyful . . . and using energy joyfully is really KINDA what it’s all about. I just talked with “M” – She’s having a hard day. A client resigned – from El Paso County – so I think we both agreed to go lie down – & since I was preparing to sleep but rest – this came up : “Now I lay me down (to) rest – I pray the Lord my soul to nest; If I should die before I rise, I pray there’s love within my eyes.” To write or not to write, That is the question! It would be best perhaps IF neither alternative had “a charge” . . . if both were equally acceptable. If that were the case with everything, then fear vanish(es)(?) N’est Pas? = isn’t that so? My internal assumption is that depression, negativity & suffering are bad (symptoms of a person lost in duality) whereas their opposite in others is perhaps also a symptom of duality. what if everyone were depressed like me? & what if my suffering form of duality is a BETTER waking up tool. Would I pray to be granted suffering over feeling well, IF I REALLY WANTED to “wake up:” Well?! So – is Tomius Strauss right when, nearly 3 years ago, he wrote a card with something like: “Well, I hear you’re depressed – maybe that (is) a good thing!” It could be a new Vulcan greeting: “LIVE LONG & SUFFER,” rather than “Live Long & Prosper.” It seems counterproductive, but my little self hopes not. NOW . . . I’m in a mind state of feeling this Diary is a process, on-going & a strategy to achieve something πŸ•΅

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