My Dear,💜

“WHATEVER [YOU] DO IS [APPROVED!]” a poem. a.k.a.: “YOUR WISH IS (ALWAYS) GRANTED!” Saturday: May 19th 2018.

The best you can do – (is) Just what you’ve done, {Just do what you aught-er}

Just do what you do, My Dear, wayward son – {My Dear, wayward daughter!}

Don’t listen to “others,” IF they don’t “approve,”

IF they-write-with-judgment, say: “There’s-nothing-to-prove!”

Just disregard!



Much like a pogrom,**

Only-there-to-destroy; only there to annoy –

Ev-ery – precious dear gir-l and boy –

THEY wish your demise; they’re in a disguise,

Costumed as your “friend;” with poison, no end!

Just walk far away – You don’t have to pay –

Them “any mind!”

Just bless their re-wind!*

fin. ❤

* – “Some tapes SEEM TO keep going until you ‘cut’ them!” TEXAS COWBOY

** – a senseless massacre!