Presentation of Artistic Designs in what Are Perceived to be Spiritual Modes? (6) (7) – (19) on the next page POETRY? COUNSELING? in Tumblr? In Facebook? In Twitter? Where else? Mystic Counselor. J Jay Samuel Davis * Mystic Poet (Can Doing a Diary be such a thing?) Maybe not. The motion picture I suggest watching is called: “HER!” It’s really a story of two people having a relationship, him, a poet; her: a counselor . . . both trying to come to grips with their existences & their relationships with others. Sadly, it ends, as do all great relationships (?) with their “going their separate ways.” (Is) That (is) the inevitable outcome of two seemingly separate entities having a relationship . . . apparent separation. As John Denver said, “Sometimes love is holding on; sometimes letting go.” Union, separation . . . inevitable . . . the sacred process (?) . . . just one process, repeated endlessly through time . . . you CAN defeat it! We are it. How can you kill yourself? Isn’t that silly. & How can you not kill yourself? The means of suicide may be conscious or unconscious, but it is still suicide . . . you are still DOING. Now, I am NOT recommending conscious suicide UNLESS you have a powerful justification . . . but there needs to be one really . . . really powerful . . . to help “the others,” some of whom are just not able to understand ANY of this . . . for the others, they need something to ease the pain . . . {Why not FAKE your death? Similar to what those folks that wrote “Holy Blood; Holy Grail,” said Jesus did!} . . . like he did it to save MARY, or he did (it) to save the nation (like a war hero), (like pushing Mary out of the way of the speeding car before it hits her, but hits you instead). There just has to be something for those LEFT BEHIND to hold to & say – Yea, he died, but it was for a {GOOD CAUSE!?} ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a lot of sadness on this earth – don’t you be afraid to go outside and see – Cause this world is still a beautiful place to be – We’ve created all this since the beginning of mankind – It’s up to us to make sure this planet keeps spinning round – Civilization – oh how can we be still such a big fool – Industrialization what a nasty tool – Computerization taking men’s jobs away – Globalization making all the dollars today – Mankind this and mankind that – Tag to this and tag to that – Marketing name to this and Promo name to that – Our Creator created life – Life is not a name not a tag – Why is it so hard for all of us – Just to join our hands, our hearts to hug away – Start using our heads and believe in that – Why is peace such a nasty word to some people today – I remember John Lennon song – he didn’t say that . . .

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