Beautiful friends I am being guided to call upon you all to be the love you were created to be. Also to receive the life energy (love) as the balance required. Allow the higher energies of life being they angels of light or light workers of the beautiful Jesus Christ to intuitively share true life with you.
No longer can we put off understanding that love is your mission, to give and receive and take ownership that is who you are and the rest is in separation from true reality.
Many challenges are laying before you and you taking ownership of your real self will enable you to help many but more important at this time is preparing you to your true self.
Know that at this time in your situation on Earth that progress will be made easier if you adopt the bride of Christ role for the feminine energy of nurture of one self and others is taking over from the male role of new conquests and power of control over all situations. Be the powerful children of love and respect of the creator God. Now some of this balance of the feminine has already started but be aware not to use it to become controllers and power male energies, which will lose the balance being asked for.
This I want to make quite clear the energies is not making men like the opposite sex or women thinking they want to take control like the male energy. Its about accepting Life (God) and being balanced in bringing yourself home in Gods love, led by the truth of true reality preparing for New Beginnings. I will no doubt come back to this subject when I am being guided.