THE CONTENTED HEART, p. 18: “In Search of The Dream Girl!”

18) . . . joyful action for purely selfish reasons, I would like to think it is still what Watts would agree is “using energy joyfully,” the hall mark of authentic action. I want to call a smart, pretty girl (I wish) for (I might SAY) only romantic relational reasons, but it is also for “counseling,” I think, because, by reading these notes, this diary, I am asking her (my dream LOVER) to enter into a “consideration.” Funny, I am suddenly reminded that The Intention Statement is satisfied by my poetry writing, which is somehow comforting in this apparently dire process. I just “tacked” The Intent(ion) Statement to the wall so I can easily see it. IF I had the energy, I’d like to play kick ball with my Dream beloved in the Park. Just easy kick ball, but back & forth, like playing catch with your father in the back yard, but a mature person branches from that to playing kickball with “their beloved,” don’t you know? Write this with love, for as Rumi, the poet, might say, ” It’s just all about love” whether 4th stage love, romantic love, cold & analytic love, or even transcendent love; love is the key; love is the binder of binders, the binder & liberator. I am reminded that I couldn’t sleep easily last night, so I got up & tried to sing a song called FLY ME TO THE MOON – Devoted to the girl of my dreams, as are all these poems I write, as is my entire existence. where is she? where is: THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS?? sigh.

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