“ABOUT YEAR 29,018: HIS MAMA MUST-A BEEN SO PROUD OF SUNNY J!” a poem. Mothers Day – May 13, 2018: Sunday. a.k.a.: “From, Aliena 612W: Report #2, Re: Slowly Revolving 3rd Stone In Backwater System Gamma, Sincerest Apologies, Commander, But This Is All We Could Recover!”

Eons ago, when This Terra was NEW, they had the-simplest system chips,

And THEY DID NOT (can you believe this?) employ-telepathiacs, but-played with their “lips!!!”

From these dark, dark ages (”Dog” knows how they kept alive!),

We’ve retrieved some-records; I guess you’d call them “a hive!”

They were silly, little, hard-lustre me-(as opposed to I-)hips (pause)

Somehow, they had “social talk,” transferred via “ships!”

We have found, me thinks, the Leader of this Band,

Of carbon-based sloths, we can barely understand:

His “handle,” maybe – J JAY, who transferred words in verse,

On this backwater system, which was obviously perverse!

He was probably their President, Premiere or Combat Leader,

We think He had a consort,

In “OZ-Trailee-A” did He meet-”Her!”

They ruled with conviction, with love and with joy,

And tried to put a little smile (pause)

On every girl and boy!

We hail to his Moum, who must-a “raised” Him right,




To Shed A Bit Of Light!*

fin. ❤

*Cordially, Amin-Ra-Ra, Alien-a 612W, Out!