“MOTHERS DAY COMES ONCE A YEAR!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Eleven Steps To Heaven – For Your Mom!” May 13, 2018, Sunday.

IF-you’re-lucky, on-Mothers-Day, your Mom, she is still here,

1) You’ll make her something nice for breakfast and tell her she’s so dear,

For all those meals she’s prepared, to keep you fed and strong,

2) You’ll thank her for her love and kisses, which helped you get along –

3) You’ll sing a song or offer her,

Some music or a poem,

4) And hold her hand, remembering, how nice she keeps the home;

5) We’ll talk about fond memories,

6) We’ll shed a little tear, and, if you’re lucky, Dad’s there too, with all the family near!

7) We’ll talk a bit and

8) share some laughter;

9) Watch-a-“golden-oldies-movie,”

10) Maybe play a “board game,” and feel pretty groovy,

11) Sipping-coffee – or-a-soda, with-perhaps-a chocolate treat!

These, the-memories that-make-life-fine,


fin. ❤


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