“MOTHERS DAY COMES ONCE A YEAR!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Eleven Steps To Heaven – For Your Mom!” May 13, 2018, Sunday.

IF-you’re-lucky, on-Mothers-Day, your Mom, she is still here,

1) You’ll make her something nice for breakfast and tell her she’s so dear,

For all those meals she’s prepared, to keep you fed and strong,

2) You’ll thank her for her love and kisses, which helped you get along –

3) You’ll sing a song or offer her,

Some music or a poem,

4) And hold her hand, remembering, how nice she keeps the home;

5) We’ll talk about fond memories,

6) We’ll shed a little tear, and, if you’re lucky, Dad’s there too, with all the family near!

7) We’ll talk a bit and

8) share some laughter;

9) Watch-a-“golden-oldies-movie,”

10) Maybe play a “board game,” and feel pretty groovy,

11) Sipping-coffee – or-a-soda, with-perhaps-a chocolate treat!

These, the-memories that-make-life-fine,


fin. <3

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I want to be your dream girl


Dreams are lives yearning for life itself

Dream Boy this is Dreamgirl waiting for you in your Dreams

Every night I feel your breath filtering in my heart

Entering the realm of Dreaming

How sweet thou are

Floating, dancing on high,

jumping from star to star catching moonbeams in a jar

To share our mischievous pleasures of our dream realm

Moments in time catching moonbeams the sweetest love of all

You ask does or can it last?

Well, can a moonbeam last?

Stars and Moonbeams have existed for Eons in time!

Dreams for true lovers in Eons of time are yours for eternity to hold onto




“ABOUT YEAR 29,018: HIS MAMA MUST-A BEEN SO PROUD OF SUNNY J!” a poem. Mothers Day – May 13, 2018: Sunday. a.k.a.: “From, Aliena 612W: Report #2, Re: Slowly Revolving 3rd Stone In Backwater System Gamma, Sincerest Apologies, Commander, But This Is All We Could Recover!”

Eons ago, when This Terra was NEW, they had the-simplest system chips,

And THEY DID NOT (can you believe this?) employ-telepathiacs, but-played with their “lips!!!”

From these dark, dark ages (”Dog” knows how they kept alive!),

We’ve retrieved some-records; I guess you’d call them “a hive!”

They were silly, little, hard-lustre me-(as opposed to I-)hips (pause)

Somehow, they had “social talk,” transferred via “ships!”

We have found, me thinks, the Leader of this Band,

Of carbon-based sloths, we can barely understand:

His “handle,” maybe – J JAY, who transferred words in verse,

On this backwater system, which was obviously perverse!

He was probably their President, Premiere or Combat Leader,

We think He had a consort,

In “OZ-Trailee-A” did He meet-”Her!”

They ruled with conviction, with love and with joy,

And tried to put a little smile (pause)

On every girl and boy!

We hail to his Moum, who must-a “raised” Him right,




To Shed A Bit Of Light!*

fin. <3

*Cordially, Amin-Ra-Ra, Alien-a 612W, Out!

THE CONTENTED HEART, p. 18: “In Search of The Dream Girl!”

18) . . . joyful action for purely selfish reasons, I would like to think it is still what Watts would agree is “using energy joyfully,” the hall mark of authentic action. I want to call a smart, pretty girl (I wish) for (I might SAY) only romantic relational reasons, but it is also for “counseling,” I think, because, by reading these notes, this diary, I am asking her (my dream LOVER) to enter into a “consideration.” Funny, I am suddenly reminded that The Intention Statement is satisfied by my poetry writing, which is somehow comforting in this apparently dire process. I just “tacked” The Intent(ion) Statement to the wall so I can easily see it. IF I had the energy, I’d like to play kick ball with my Dream beloved in the Park. Just easy kick ball, but back & forth, like playing catch with your father in the back yard, but a mature person branches from that to playing kickball with “their beloved,” don’t you know? Write this with love, for as Rumi, the poet, might say, ” It’s just all about love” whether 4th stage love, romantic love, cold & analytic love, or even transcendent love; love is the key; love is the binder of binders, the binder & liberator. I am reminded that I couldn’t sleep easily last night, so I got up & tried to sing a song called FLY ME TO THE MOON – Devoted to the girl of my dreams, as are all these poems I write, as is my entire existence. where is she? where is: THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS?? sigh.

Medical Disclaimer. Please use all information regarding “THE CONTENTED HEART,” a.k.a.: “Diary of a Madman,” anyway you wish! IF it is helpful to/for you, comforting or inspiring in anyway, THAT is our INTENTION. We are offering NO MEDICAL ADVICE, and we are NOT doctors, simply “fellow travelers,” also fragile humans, hoping for happiness for everyone, especially YOU! We make no representation and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of what is presented, although we feel we ARE our “brothers’ keepers,” we are all connected and the only sanity we perceive in life is to love and be loved. Shalom, Peace, Namaste & Love to Thee. 🙂