– In the arms of an angel” ๐Ÿ•Š

Most beautiful warriors of the heavenly spirit, ( yes my friends I am addressing this to you ) To live life one has a spirit created by our loving God so that on earth we may live in a earthly environment and body.
Because mankind as a whole turned there back on their Creator, they separated from the love that would have created Heaven on Earth. To come back to the love creation, our God sent his son into the body of Jesus to teach and show the way back to love, but also as the Creator he placed himself in total sacrifice to pay the price of the separation from the spirit right up to the time you accept this total act of love on his part and prepare to come home. Then when he rose back to life and the Father he sent the Holy Spirit down to connect with your spirit to Guide you back to the love vibration you are.
When you take ownership of this eternal gift and respect it for the hope and love you will return to, then your every moment is a witness to all you are of God, and free to return to love for eternity. Our God is only Love and understands the trials you face down on earth but if your one of his you are forgiven for what you have needed to face on a daily basis.
Also in the moments we now live there will be people who are soul mates , and many times a twin flame will return to your life to complete you.
Know now you must live by the Spirit of God that works through your heart, for this is where love and true intelligent s resides.In making your decisions let them be of love and oneness of the highest vibrations from where you came. Allow yourself to be Children of the Eternal Loving God. for your light will awaken others and prepare you for a beautiful eternal moment that will come upon you