I don’t like school -👀

  1. I don’t like school – it’s very cruel.
    They tell you to go – that it must be so,
    & They stuff it so hard – You end-up (one word) a-retard.
    They tell you to grow – & what you should know –
    & what you should say & your name will be (J)
    So, (pause) what you MIGHT be – you never will see
    ‘Cause you’re pushed in a slot & that’s-all (that) you’ve got.

IF they’d (ha)ve left it alone & not-made-you-moan,
You might have just bailed them out.
BUT, as it stands now, they’re having a cow,
So all they can do is (just) pout. {They’re pouting; I’m screaming}

You can’t tell a flower to grow
or how to grow – IF you could &
you did, it would stop. So it is,
with a child. Give it some good soil,
a little water & sunshine –
Prune it a little, but don’t cut *
it way back, give it a little guidance,
but always with love – & never, never say
THIS IS THE WAY TO GROW – I know – grow
this way – OR ELSE! Be the best flower you can be,
but don’t think – you’re the
best . . . . flower.

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