Mad Mans Diary ๐Ÿ•ต

(15) ANY experience in a conditional realm is suffering, which can lead one to escape by seeking GOD-liners (i.e.: Non-duality), which may be nothing more than being [trapped, dreaming] a rock, dreaming about duality, motivated to return to the realms of suffering, Q E D by dreaming about evolution, from mineral to vegetable to animal, where you finally reach the level of existence where you, again, begin to desire transcendence, or attaining the state of non-duality, A DREAMING ROCK. EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE; everything is awesome, when you’re living in a dream. Which is the superior position? A happy idiot or a miserable ____? A short poem about Non-duality (nothing) in 6 lines of poetry . . . I met her in a flower, before the Cup, [did bloom] So we were pressed together, inside our little room, The flower smelled of lotus, & she, of cherry wine, I knew that in a moment, upon her flesh I’d dine, She whispered, that she loved me, and nibbled on my ear, When you’re wrapped inside a lotus, there’s nothing that you fear. A short poem, entitled: DUALITY, Something – It’s a follow-up, but they’re really the same poem – They’re the same, but separate too! When you’re wrapped within a flower, & it’s where you want to be, The lips of your condition, whisper, MON CHERI, Yet brush of breath caresses, touching petals still & Inception, very gentle x 2, awakens every will Yet, what sadness pain will offer? Who can really say? BUT, Our process, born of seeking, it is the sacred way. When suffering meets the lotus x 2 , with a joyful song x 2 Nothing’s lost, & nothing’s gained; things just get alone * 3/18/2015: A [Poem to the Beloved (that’s yours): IF, in the next moment, I just faint, dead away, will you understand? OK?]

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