“RHYME OR REASON!” a poem. a.k.a.: “IF” Wednesday: May 9, 2018


And-She’d-take-a-bunch-of-glorious-forms, each-one, a-different-appear-iance!

Some of these forms would be naked on the beach, & some in desert sand!

And – SKID ROW, I’M SURE HE’D REACH; on battle fields, She’d stand,

And raise terrible weapons and fire away,

And mourn, with passion, the-very-next-day,

And IF “God” WAS (pause) He’d sometimes marry-or-divorce-


She’d party hearty – and shout and clap and stray!

And-God’d-grow old and sometimes give birth-to-a-New-Creation,

And work really hard, Or – not-at-all, Always-waiting-vacation!

And “God” would laugh and cry and sing,

And-become-a-drunk – And-to-A.A.-would-bring:

REFRESHMENTS! like some tea and chips,

And “God” would shake some sexy hips!!

To drive men wild-and-the-Wild-God-Man,

Might be a guru – and fake a plan,

To make “God” think – there’s-some-rhyme-or-reason,

In THIS, Or-a-sundry, Sorta-Interesting Season! 🙂

fin. ❤