This writing won’T make IT happen; it will not make awakening happen, so why are you doing it? It’s like an irresistible impulse – Q: Am I enjoying this? or am I doing it to become AWAKE? . . . which means I am just “spinning my wheels.” on & on . . . Are you doing this to report to ___ or would I be doing it anyway, not for the Ulterior Motive of sharing it? I DO NOT KNOW. If for no ulterior motive, (I SHOULD be able to) x2 take all this and burn it immediately after writing it down. This would maybe be an evidence of integrity. Not ever talking about it – with anyone is perhaps also evidence for integrity – is – the opposite of dual gaming . . . vs. Non-dual gaming = in-tag-ritual = playing tag with yourself! This is a new idea, isn’t it? – I have never seen anyone break down the word integrity quite like that. (Left column) That (a new idea) might fulfill An Intent of: HAVING AN ARTISTIC DESIGN IN WHAT IS Perceived as a spiritual MODE. – However, PRESENTING AN ARTISTIC DESIGN, (unless you are, in a state of Non-Duality) is, arguably, JUST A “DOING.” (If you are in a non-dual state, that would seem to take the ulterior motive out of it – & it wouldn’t just be a doing (small “d”); it would be a Doing (large”d”) = a REAL expression of using energy joyfully. (Right column) DUAL GAMING DUALITY GAMING This is a new term, but not a new idea – I wonder what it would be like to have a new idea!!