“YOUR LOVE IS PERFECT!” a poem. Tuesday: MAY 1st a.k.a.: “H Starts The Heart!”

My lover’s concerned that – she’s just “right” for me!

“I want to be HELPFUL, I really must be, To insure that I’m doing the right things for you; I don’t want you ever to feel tense or blue!”

“Oh, Darling, I’m HAPPY; your love HEALS me – You fill me with HOPE; Honey, please hear my plea: (That) You never imagine (that) our love’s less than HOT, You’re all that I’ve wanted!”

And, then, She said: “What?!”

“YES, your love fills my HUNG-r-RY Heart, this I tell; my lovely best friend; yes, you love, oh so well!”

fin. ❤