• Friday . . . Why should you and I be attracted to (do) lucid dreams or (do) OBE s (Out-of-Body-Experiences)? reason(s): to escape this reality; to explore OR (because) it seems like a better or superior position. IF God – Unmanifest Divinity (my term – Oh, I’m so proud!!) dreams, then God pushes into a —— IT dreams, to manifest as manifest divinity – if God IS not awake in the dream, God experiences separateness . . . When “God awakes (Satori or Cosmic Consciousness), it’s quite a thing, BUT, while asleep in ITS dream(s), God will experience it ALL and ALL of it is acceptable experience, somehow. Depression, Psychosis, Bar-hopping, Siddhi powers, Drug-induced hypnosis, hurting, helping, ALL ARE EQUAL. & equally terrible, in a sense, IF it causes God to be caught up, out-of-control, not lucid because the only seeming way to have equanimity is to be TRULY AWAKE, knowing that you are playing with yourself [This is L(ee)la, God’s play] – joyful play (all of it) is fine in a sense, whether it is dying in a torture chamber or becoming King of the World . . . but one (particular) form of play is NOT inherently superior or to be sought after* (* – & is that form of play “sleep acting?” or are all forms of play of real value – maybe so!) You just PLAY, and, when you want to stop, you hopefully can. IF you get caught in any form or circumstance – It is Hell (Yet that too, somehow, is an acceptable thing – But ONLY in the big picture – NOT to the “person” in Hell.

“EXPECTATIONS TOO!”Medical Disclaimer. Please use all information regarding “THE CONTENTED HEART,” a.k.a.: “Diary of a Madman,” anyway you wish! IF it is helpful to/for you, comforting or inspiring in anyway, THAT is our INTENTION. We are offering NO MEDICAL ADVICE, and we are NOT doctors, simply “fellow travelers,” also fragile humans, hoping for happiness for everyone, especially YOU! We make no representation and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of what is presented, although we feel we ARE our “brothers’ keepers,” we are all connected and the only sanity we perceive in life is to love and be loved. Shalom, Peace, Namaste & Love to Thee. 🙂