Suffering already around the world πŸ’«πŸ’«

Wonderful family of our living God, I call upon you to search your heart for the truth of the real love you have through your connection to the trinity God . For within this love and its truth you will find faith, all are needed to live as Gods family , yet very few do.( I will not leave you in your quest to become all that you are for you have openly surrendered to me, this is enough to bring you home.) But my friends Jesus asks that we combined the love, its truth in understanding so faith can create the miracles to give witness in these days that are so necessary. For I witness so much suffering already around the world even now for the false gods of this world do nothing to ease the situation before there last days arrive,
You my family are the hope and working with the Holy spirit you can at least guide the willing home with your Spirit love.