“SEARCHING FOR WHAT TO CALL MY BLUE BIRD!” a poem, a.k.a.: “I LOVE WATCHING YOU!” 🙂 The last day of April 2018 – April 30th.

How-can-I-describe you?- I haven’t got a clue!

To say (just) INDESCRIBABLE – has no “romantic glue;”

IF you were some music: You-are “sounds that I like,”

I’d play you, I would – and I won’t have “to mike.”

I can say you’re SO PRETTY – and-ADORABLE all day –

And still, something’s lacking – such words are quite gray:

BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS sometimes come to mind,

You’re CUTE, and I’m blushing, when-you’re-gazing so kind:

You’re ATTRACTIVE and SEXY – you-”pop”-for-me-too,

SCRUMPTIOUS and GLAMOROUS – I just wanna coo,

Like a dove or a song bird, out-back in your garden,

All-of-these-adjectives; I-still seek your pardon,

‘Cause you’re STUNNING and LOVELY and DARLING and HOT,

And still! All falls short, To describe what you’re got!

So, I guess I’ll just give-up; I-can’t find no word!


fin. ❤


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