Sweet ❤❤❤❤

“NOT MEANT TO BE A SUFFERING EVENT!” a poem. April 27, 2018, Friday.

Painting entitled: “Mick Jagger Indicated On Charges Of Being The Creeper In The Motion Picture JEEPERS CREEPERS!”

“Number 1. There’s NOTHING!“ The Buddha said, over lunch! It was HIS treat, at Denny’s! We got The Veggie Brunch!
“Then, 2, Our LORD, or Something, conceived-A-QUICK EVENT,
And-IT stared “us” in the eye and asked us what WE meant!!
Yes, IT is US – and We “TWO” are
Floating* and we don’t go far,
Before this THING has HAPPENED-to-“ME!” and I inquire WHY!?
And all around, The-Hosts-of-Heaven (pause) are singing:
“It’s a LIE!!” ”
But I won’t listen to Them, ‘Cause-I-am-kinda-“dense,”
And I have programmed my Sweet Mind, To take the most offense!!
So, I’M OFFENDED; yes, I AM,
Recording SUFFERING, on my “cam,”
3., I’m “puer,” and SO I MUST (pause) embellish my fine crime,
And-look for SOMEONE – Who-I-can-blame & do it WITH A RHYME!
I rhyme some lines, I write a poem, and 4. It points to Y O U !!
As-the-architect-of-MY-EVENT, and, sometimes, 5. I’ll sue!
To-establish-that, “IT’S YOUR FAULT,” and-I’ll prove it to A JURY,
A bunch of clever witnesses, who deliberate in fury,
And 6, decide WHO’S TO BLAME, (pause) for my sad EVENT,
And-they will sometimes DECIDE PERCENTAGES (pause)
Directing every cent
AND 7. I stand up (pause) with a DETERMINED MIND,
and realize, I REALLY DO, how blatantly unkind,
I do a thing, then “walk;” that’s “SIN!!!”
9. I ask forgiveness, 10. WE-ALL GO HOME –
And, next-day, when I-do-awake, re-considering MY EVENT,
I realize, in a flash, a-10-point (mushroom) cloud I’ve sent:
A cloud of MYSTERY & INTRIGUE, for, from THIS ONE EVENT,
I’ve created “REALITY,” a bloody, righteous “dent!”
I now We All have: You and Me –
AND, yes, of course, we’ve homes to see,
And courtroom battles, waging steady,
And Space and Time swirl in an eddy,
And THOSE TWO set-up a big store,
Of cameras-Jung-and LAWS to score,
And lots of people, TO-FILL-UP, –
MY precious, slimy void –
And-I’m-to-blame, for all this POO –
Because, with thoughts, I’ve toyed!!“
fin. ❤
* – Out of Time and Space!


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