Is this TRUTH? truth? WAKING UP – What does it have to do v. Magnetized with being. Is Eternity boring? – Is YOUR eternity boring? or now you don’t feel well. “NOW IS ETERNITY YOU SUPPOSE: NOW is ordinary – (and, therefore, it) aught to change. JUST KNOW, YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL – But You MUSTN’T TRY to not do anything! Seems impossible, doesn’t it?! Can you accept that EVEN SUFFERING (is = being in a good [GOD] state? IF YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT (the last query) it will AUTOMATICALLY WAKE you up! BUT (a big But) YOU CAN’T TRY TO WAKE UP. * Remember: YOU ARE [NOT] A SEPARATE EVENT.

This is the Original Page from the Journal ” MADMAN”

Medical Disclaimer. Please use all information regarding “THE CONTENTED HEART,” a.k.a.: “Diary of a Madman,” anyway you wish! IF it is helpful to/for you, comforting or inspiring in anyway, THAT is our INTENTION. We are offering NO MEDICAL ADVICE, and we are NOT doctors, simply “fellow travelers,” also fragile humans, hoping for happiness for everyone, especially YOU! We make no representation and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of what is presented, although we feel we ARE our “brothers’ keepers,” we are all connected and the only sanity we perceive in life is to love and be loved. Shalom, Peace, Namaste & Love to Thee. 🙂