DON’T want to feel it😔😔

= Stop putting on an act! Q: What must I do to feel IT? A: (Aw!) YOU ask ME that question because you really DON’T want to feel it (You are afraid “here and now” to see it!) With a method of practice you will {do TO} PUT IT OFF, so I can be a long time on the way to this thing, so I will be worthy of it AFTER I HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH!!! Because you MUST DESERVE what you get(?), and the price one must pay for all good things is suffering(?) (These are things we ARE TAUGHT to believe – we are TAUGHT we are not worthy UNTIL we have completed some prescribed course! In some sense, sure, this is true; in another sense, this is totally false, I think. It is really YOUR STORY, YOUR DETERMINATION and to allow someone else to decide what you should do or how you should feel may be something akin to “Worshiping False Idols!”) If you had Real Nerve, you would see IT right away. Stop playing the role of a poor little old me! (We are sometimes told to go to some outside source! For instance:) Go TO THE GURU AND ASK for Yoga – a n d o t h e r t h i n g s . . . All ways of (supposedly) cracking Thick Shelled People (Sometimes, you might find a guru that is really trying to make you aware of ONE THING: THAT Y O U ARE THE GURU – When you realize this, then you have no need of any outside “help,” and you simply follow your so-called “internal guidance!”) OK, WELL, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! *What is the real, terrible (unforgivable?) SIN? for little me? (Answer:) FALSE MODESTY = You won’t admit (that) YOU’RE GOD, (but, remember, in some sense, Everyone Else is Too – since Everything is interconnected!) Q: DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF AS * A VICTIM OF THE WORLD – OR – AS THE WORLD?