“THE PERFECT UNION” 04/23/2018 Monday.

I’ll have to unite the masses!

No more drunks or skunks or lower classes!

Once these poems get known,

I’m sure that-Ellen DeGeneres will be on the phone,

Pleading, pleading with me:

“So, come, come-on-my show!”

And Steve Harvey too – big, black comedian,

Talk Show, kinda-new, y-know!

I’ll bring ‘em together: A-lovely-gal-and-a-big-black-guy;

I’ll help ‘em see, help ’em see,


I might get ‘em both in a movie,

called-”Casa-Blanca-Negro, Wouldn’t-that-be-groovy?

Well, anyway, I gave up being a member of The Alan Watts groups,

On Facebook, all over – ‘cause-o’-the-”hoops!”

LIKE: “Why you wanna join? Let’s ask it again:

I don’t wanna be labeled; I’ll “take it” on the fin!!

‘Cause I’m a slippery fish; No labels for me –

Alan Watts, Uncle Alan, he would agree,

IF he knew all the folks who put on their resume:

“I’M IN THE ALAN WATTS’ CLUB!” He’d-turn-in-his-gra(v)e.

I think he’d say: “J, LET’S START A CLUB


UNTIL WE PASS OUT, saying: “I’m-a-label-less-guy!”

Well-”Alan”-did-pass-out, and I saw in “his” eye,”

THE LOOK OF LOVE, which was pretty – gay!

So, I peeled off “his” mask

And ELLEN (D.!) did say:

“How did you know it was me under there?

“‘Cause I am STEVE HARVEY,” I laughed, with a stare,

And I peeled off MY mask, and we kissed long and hard,

“Me, Steve; You, Ellen! You make me so hard!” 🙂

fin. ❤