Chicks with guns💥

{spoiler: Chicks actually killed ____! They buried the body, to make it look like some other fowl individual(s) did the deed. The person(s) charged is(are) clueless as to how they got sucked into That Vortex of Intrigue. Just saying – They are friggin’ deadly, I tell you.

“FRIGGIN DEADLY” . a poem. April 21, 2018 Saturday

IF you ever see – a chick with a gun – DON’T WAIT AROUND, Man – friggin’ just-run! Do not look back; do not think twice. Chicks packing guns – are not very nice. They’ll cuddle and peck, just a little, my friend – They’ll make you relaxed – be – fore- your days end. ‘Cause, the moment your eyes close, ’cause-they’re-so-cuddly-and-soft THEY’LL BLOW YOU AWAY – BURY-YOU-IN-A-LOFT.

fin. ❤

You don’t have to friggin’ believe me. I am NOT credible! I AM – IN credible. Naw, just kidding! Chicks made me say this stuff! (They are holding me captive – p l e a s e h e l p! They think I’m going to the bathroom!!) j


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