Conspiracy theorists🙄

Another new year is in full swing, and so are the conspiracy theorists.

Apparently, we’re all gonna die this year, just as it seems we are every year, so don’t plan too far ahead.

Heard all that before

Here is the lastest news for you

Guess What?

You’re not going to get out of this life, “alive” either!

And when you’re dead, you won’t know you’re dead too.

Thought for the Day

” live this moment as if is the last moment of your life.”

But you to can leave this planet a better place.

Humanity shared by you to all living things on Earth is your responsibility.

Leave this world a memory to, all about you.

You can make a small difference here right in the now.

Tell one person each day how much they are needed.

Hug one person each day

Help a small creature to feel looked after

Smile at everyone

Kindness just helping someone to reach a destination

Wave to folk to show you acknowledge them

Little steps lead to giant changes.

You can be this Humanitarian.

Never to be forgotten