The day will come when the harvest will be gathered in, yet most of the people of the world are drunk in the activities of escape from reality.
Being a love worker of God and prepared to be one that helps prepare the harvest of God by being a example of light and love for others is a way to truth, love, joy, peace.
To many people overindulge in the proper gander of the world by ones who have surrendered there souls to anything that will occupy and amuse them be it with things untrue, or of things like violence and wars between themselves. None of which is of the God of love. To move out of the polarities of good and bad and lift yourself up to that which is love which has no polarity for it is life itself , the way back to that state (and yes there was a time you were only love) Jesus suffered for you and died so that when he rose all who came to him in prayer to be forgiven for being corrupted in the world of deceit and ask for forgiveness ,it was granted. You were a clean soul of truth and light. Now with the power of love become one of the harvesters by living your new light and love.