Within the deepest part of your heart , hold dear the love that Jesus gives to you, and from there let it guide you to people who have his support in leading you to the divine truth. Not all that claim roles of wisdom know to where they are going and are caught up in only a small area of there interest. They may be sincere but blind in there openness to our savior. As a messenger of Jesus having been ask by him to be so I pass on what a am guided to give to you for if I do wrong I will be held accountable for your fate. In prayer I keep in touch with The Holy Spirit to guide me in both mind and spirit. The days leading up to the end times, are starting to reveal themselves and all you who are the family of God are being watched over as I write. Those who have been taken from us as a family through no fault of there own have and will be drawn to heavenly places and then you who are my beautiful people whos faith is strong in my offerings will be emerged in the rapture to come home in glory. Be strong for others, with your light which takes in the love and joy that makes you real. Your compassion also over your fear , your eternity awaits in the oneness of my love for you.
Humbly I received some of this message was from me being guided by the Holy Spirit, some more directly with Jesus in the last few sentences.