“Sleepsong ~ Lullaby from a Secret Garden”🌼🌼🌼

Soul searching gives me butterflies, honey x

β€œCUDDLE TIME!” April 12, 2018 – Thursday.

It’s early at night, with many things to do and see,

Bars and cars and gem shows,

Showing jewelry –

Shopping – β€œhopping” – taking-in-a-play,

And what’s to do, to do, to do –

For this-here li’l J?

What is,

His choice,

For Friday Revelry?

Pick! (pause)

Pick-and-choose –

And where,

Shall J-Jay be?


By 7:00,


Wishing for-a just one thing:

He’s waiting –

At his phone –

Just wants to be with Honey,

The Girl Of His Dreams,

To kiss and cuddle,

And lick her body –

For her,

His love light streams!

fin. <3