– I wanna be Loved by you” ❤💙❤

“DREAM OF MY BLACK MAGIC WOMAN!” Sunday – April 8, 2018 Mmmm!

For-all-o-my-life-I’ve-been-DREAMIN’! (pause)

Dreamin’-about someone like you:

You’re JUST MY TYPE, with just those eyes, And just that way you do!

I think you might be “in my head,”

And other parts as well!!

I think you snuck into my dreams and cast a magic spell!

For all my life, I really thought that white was right and black, not so,

But, I think, you must be a witch – and black is what you know!

And, frankly, Black IS beautiful, or, thus, you’ve taught me this:

That Black’s not bad – and White’s good too -all sealed with a kiss,

A kiss of sweet forgetfulness – A KISS OF OPEN EYES,


“(The) Dark Night,”

Such a fine disguise:

An angel costume, Covering, A sexy witch-y gal,

One who loves like “no-one’s business,” ONE, who’s my best pal! 🙂

fin. ❤