“WHAT IF?!” 😁

“WHAT IF?!” April 4, 2018. Wednesday.

If you were “God,” would you condemn (pause)

Or-forgive – the livelong day?

Would you,


Overlook –

Or judge in every way?

If you were GOD,

Wouldn’t YOU (maybe),


Hoping just to bring a smile and help them on their way?

Well, get right out there!

Don’t delay!

It’s time to lift this tortuous gray (of)


Of “Sayers-Nay!”

No sad tomorrows!

No fearful fray! 🙂

fin. <3


“WHY ALAN WATTS IS A HERO O’ MINE!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Why Do You Wanna Be A Member Of Our Group?” April 4, 2018: Wednesday!

I got up just this morning, considering-myself “a wreck,”

And thought of Alan Watts,* and thought I’d have a “peck,”

At writing-a-poem ‘bout-why, I think of him as “Friend!”

“SINCERITY,” he used to stress, “Can help you put an end,

To being too dang serious!” – I liked that substitution,

And BEING REAL, somehow, was in his constitution!

If you watch many of-his-videotapes,

He seems so “In The Now,”

Which-I-TAKE to-be spontaneous; just watch: “GOD-4-10 (minutes),” a Tao!


THE Tao, I think, is touched on there; he was a storyteller,

And kind and laughed, quite like a cat – a “Jesus” kinda feller!

He lectured ‘bout philosophy – said he-liked-to-talk-quite-”full,”

But gave a fine disclaimer: “I want no ‘guru pull!’ “

“I think you should drop ‘labels,’ and find yourselves some work,

That makes you fairly happy – like Capt. James T. Kirk!”

His philosophy? Kinda goofy! But with some truthful rumor,

And like one Edgar Cayce*** said: “Keep up the Happy Humor!”

I’ve got some other friends, I do,

At least I think they are,

And some of them like to proclaim: “My-AWARENESS? UNDER PAR!”

Now, I don’t know quite what they mean,

BUT – if I had-to-define,

The word “aware,” I think it is,

With Alan Watts I’d dine! 🙂

fin. <3

* – English philosopher(?)

** – Oriental philosophy

*** – American mystic “channel-er!”