The Disciples’ Prayers For Guidance!”😇

“EASTER MONDAY!” a.k.a.: “ Re: The Disciples’ Prayers For Guidance!” April 2, 2018 (You guessed it!!)

In “aftermath” of cross and tomb,

We huddled in our lonely room,

And prayed for guidance through the night,

And listened for a voice – so light!

It came and urged:

“Give Up Your Fight And Laugh And Sing To Your Delight!”

The VOICE, emphatic:

“(Please) Don’t be grim – or-very-serious! Remember HIM,

Who laughed – upon the rugged road, beneath His cross! ‘Twas quite a load, but, if you wish to ‘lift’ you life – to bless you neighbors – and your wife, Don’t take your life too ser-i-ass: Adapt disguise, imperious!

When Life(?) insists to take your Crown, Of humor, laughter, Be a clown!

When others stress: ‘Be More Like Us,’ then smile and joke, although they ‘cuss’ and ex – pect you to-feel their pain; they think control will be their gain!

(Just) Smile! Throw kisses, if you can!” &

This became our MASTER PLAN! 🙂

P. S.: The VOICE also said: “If you hear them outside your door, coming to crucify you, run like Hell!!” 🙂 – for God’s sake, get out of Austria!!

fin. ❤