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September 7, 2017 ·

Dearest friends, the greatest gift there is to offer all is that which is of God , that being Love. To freely feel love towards all ,even your enemies one must take in the love of God and life. This can lead you to love your enemies as God does. This, as is written, does not mean to cast pearls before the swine. God is wise when he freely gives his love and wisdom, and we must learn not to give something so valuable to ones that will abuse what we give, but in our hearts know if they lack what you have they will be sad and angry. You may have been this way at times in your life for you may not have had God as a part of who you are. So with displaying Gods love in your life and giving hope for those who seek it is a beautiful connection and a empowerment to all concerned. Like in early times many people were slaves and did not have the freedom or understanding but what happened some of there masters who became one with the Lord freed all of them, and they remained with him to serve but were free to leave if they chose. All who were affected by this came to worship God for they now new his blessings were for all. Today most people are slaves to a unfeeling system and Money and power of control is the goal of the masters, who act as if they are the light. truly they have lost the heart of God and have become unfeeling and unwise. Even their lives are torn apart, and they blame whoever, for their feelings and wish to take revenge.
I call out for all to live the love from upon high and see all people as you would your children, for you never stop loving them even if one or two strayed into the thinking of the world which is in separation from truth and love. I love you all so much yet I have never met most of you, But God is in my heart, and as my brothers and sisters I welcome you to share with my heart in being blessed in the light of Jesus. Blessings


The Disciples’ Prayers For Guidance!”😇

“EASTER MONDAY!” a.k.a.: “ Re: The Disciples’ Prayers For Guidance!” April 2, 2018 (You guessed it!!)

In “aftermath” of cross and tomb,

We huddled in our lonely room,

And prayed for guidance through the night,

And listened for a voice – so light!

It came and urged:

“Give Up Your Fight And Laugh And Sing To Your Delight!”

The VOICE, emphatic:

“(Please) Don’t be grim – or-very-serious! Remember HIM,

Who laughed – upon the rugged road, beneath His cross! ‘Twas quite a load, but, if you wish to ‘lift’ you life – to bless you neighbors – and your wife, Don’t take your life too ser-i-ass: Adapt disguise, imperious!

When Life(?) insists to take your Crown, Of humor, laughter, Be a clown!

When others stress: ‘Be More Like Us,’ then smile and joke, although they ‘cuss’ and ex – pect you to-feel their pain; they think control will be their gain!

(Just) Smile! Throw kisses, if you can!” &

This became our MASTER PLAN! 🙂

P. S.: The VOICE also said: “If you hear them outside your door, coming to crucify you, run like Hell!!” 🙂 – for God’s sake, get out of Austria!!

fin. ❤


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I.R.S. 🤑🤑

“CLINGING TO CORRUPTIBILITY!” a.k.a.: “Never Knowing What’s Best!” a.k.a.: “STOP SQUIRMING SO MUCH! You’re Distracting Me – – – From My Squirming!” April 2, 2018 – Moon Day.


That’s why judgment’s a silly plan!

We sometimes try to-watch-what-we-eat,

And, like the man who lives on the street,*

We CLING to our lives with immodest fear,


With all our insanity, what’s left intact?

The preacher, at the church, he tries, in fact,

To hold himself-And-his-wife together,**

‘Cause he might just get-a-bit-o’-bad-weather,

Which might force him to-re-consider-his-fai-aith,

And, even–when-atheists-fail, they’ll pray-eth,

To-the-God, to-the-God, to-the-God – of their youth,

Because – we’re frail and mostly uncouth,

As-we-cling, To-our-lives, And-possessions-And-routines,

Fearful and uncertain, IF we’ll have the means,

We (need?) to-get-by, day by day,

It might just vanish,And, we’ll have to pay,

The I. R. S. !!! For – that bonus check,

When-none-of-its-left, So, we’re a wreck:

A wreck, Doing, The-best-we-can,

Just like everyone!- like-the-drinking-man,

Who, every day, goes to our-local-bar,

And asks the bartender: “Jeff,***

How far,

Into the bottle must I go,

Before my car, they’ll have to tow?

Before the taxes on my home,

Can’t be paid, So I’ll-have-to roam,

Through the streets, A derelict,

With judges, lawyers and doctors-quite-sick,

From years of prescribing poisoned pills,

For pharmacies (pause) those poison mills?

To the dentist, ****

Who, Just down the street,

Has NRA patches, At his feet!

And THIS, The chaotic stuff of life,

Destroying each family, Which is suffering strife,

Whose members cling to their little phones,

And, in the night, we hear their moans,

Yes, EVERYONE, Fearful – for the morrow,



Some God, With Sorrow!

Hoping that “their best’s” enough,

And clinging desperately to-CORRUPTIBLE-STUFF!

So, shed your tears – and hope for peace,

And hope your civilizations-will-not-cease!

Yes, RESURRECTION-PEOPLE-Claim your due!!

Is-there SOME GOD – a-watching you?

If so,

Not-the-one you’re taught about,

This God is sterile – and filled with doubt,

And clings to transitory ways,

And longs for younger, sweeter days!!

This God, IF you would look around,

Feeds the birds and tills the ground,

And does her best, throughout the years,

And has so many hopes and fears!

This God is YOU! and does her best,

To not be hungry – and-to-be-well-dressed,

And pounds his gavel – and plays an I-Tune,

And cries for his family – and barks at the moon,

And, if you strip Her(HIM) and put-her-on-a-cross,

Will he still rise – each year, To floss –

The vile particles, stuck in her gums,

Sometimes, Doing-your-best-means:

Chewing on TUMS!!

Just crying, when-you-awake-at-night,

From terrifying-dreams, where you’ve lost your “might,”

To even-try-to-do- your-best-and-just-keep-going,

Like this poem, Of NEVER KNOWING!

Well, RELAX YOUR BROWS, You prideful lot,

Of listeners,


And breathe,

This rot!!


It has-A-Silver-Lining,

Come on – TRUST US!

Try HUMILITY, And smile more,

And-don’t-get-too-excited, If you get poor,

Give hugs to The World, And say a nice word,

Come on! YOU GODS! Feed a bird;

Wave-to-a-stranger; Find-your-TRUE-LOVE!

Imagine some God – who’s kind –

Up “above!”

Jesus’ message: Perhaps we SHOULD KNOW:


fin. ❤



* – Hi, Raymond! 🙂

** – Hi, Josh! 🙂

*** – Hi, Jeff! 🙂

**** – Hi, Jay! 🙂

***** – Hi, Y’all! 🙂


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