“CUDDLE TIME – IS ANY TIME – SPECIAL TIME – WITH YOU!” 🙂 April 1st – No foolin’ ❤

It is the weekend, many things (there are) to do and see,

Bars and cars and gem shows, (pause)

Showing jewelry,

Shopping, “hopping,” “bopping,” “flopping”

Or “taking-in”-a-play,

And what’s to do – to do – to do – to do for Master J?

What-a is,

His fondest choice,

For Weekend Revelry?

Pick-a Pick,

Just pick and choose,

And where shall J Jay be?

He’s on his bed,

By 7:00,

Nervous and alone,

Wishing for-a just ONE THING,

He’s waiting at his phone!

Just wants to hear HER loving voice, the girl of his dreams,

To kiss and coo so tenderly,

For HER, his Love Light streams!

fin. ❤