• Dearest friends and family of my heart, To have life is a gift from God, and to be forgiven by God for your sins is so you can come into eternal life. For those that do not believe this or believe it and curse the will of God are through choice, are servants of the evil of the fallen ones.

  • You will have your eyes opened to the truth which will guide your head to peaceful wisdom.

  • This place and moment in time is to give you a choice to fully return to your real creation or be influenced by the evil of those that control you and are not of wisdom or Gods serving.

  • My knowing each of you fills my heart with joy, and my mind wishes to serve you with the love that God gives my heart and floods me with the wisdom of his love. Know Heaven on Earth is with you now, follow the love given and experience it, then the day comes when everywhere you look will be love joy, peace, excitement with joy has return you to our raised heaven. In Jesus name Amen. (so be it)