And stick THE (rubber) HOSE, right up your NOSE!😁😁

“WILL HE?” a.k.a.: “(Or Will We Be:) Wailin’?” Saturday – 03/31/2018 Estreve!!

He’s “purty” cagey! And often cool!

But, JESUS – He might really fool,

All of you, who doubt that HE,

Can rise tomorrow!! What-D-you SEE? (. .)

You’re looking for AN EASTER LILY,

TO BLOOM-Come-on

NOW, that’s so silly!

‘Cause Jesus likes to “mix-it-up,”

Just like-that-{HOLY}-GRAIL-loving-cup!

Jesus MIGHT just BE A ROSE,

or A WEED, And steal you hose,

And stick THE (rubber) HOSE, right up your NOSE!

You know, No one even really knows-JUST-WHAT-HE’LL-DO! 🙂

But, NOW, I’ve heard: There’re a bunch of folk, here, on DAY 2,

Saying: “Prob’ly He won’t rise this year;

He’s outta gas – maybe-drunk on beer!

He’ll probably never rise again,

On the Third Day – There’s too much sin!

He’ll probably SLEEP,

REAL LATE this time,

And say (that) He’s “had enough o’ crime!”

WELL, ALL YOU DOUBTERS, JUST YOU WAIT; I BETCHA THAT HE WON’T BE LATE!! 🙂 – he may be lily – rose- or leaf – or (pause) he might just-a be a thief – who’ll steal your Heart, deep-at-night – and greet you, in the morning light!! ❤

fin. ❤