Do we understand compatibility

Is a young boy 22 is unable even to understand life let alone how to love a woman?
( if ever at all!)

Women too, never really understand the concept of finding “home.”

Just like those trillions of pebbles on the beach trying to fit in. Humans desire to conform to fit each other. Everything in the universe is a matching fit. How do you think that the pebbles fit together, so they don’t drift apart back to the ocean? Sit on the sand run those tiny pebbles in between your fingers! Majority just fall apart with the pressure of your fingers. The magic of a very few pebbles they “fit”. Look at the edges, fitting just like that jigsaw you once tried to make fit! As humans, we to need to fit the creases, broken uneven in time.

What is time?

Time is not measured by seconds, minutes days. Time an infinite being.

Time moves in circles forward and back.

Miracles are the flash in the eye of the beholder.

To recognise your ” fit” is in the now.

Too many folks never see the signs of the blessing of your mate as the run and rush around looking over fences for something that pleases their own eyes trying this and that.

To find that fit called compatibility that is eternal is rare.

Impatience of youth is wasted on not focusing on the important issues of trusting time.

Even pebbles wash away with the force of the underlying currents as they wander for a mate that fits!

In youth we are all mistakes until we learn from experiences, bad or good who we are, laugh at ourselves, taste anger and guilt and decide that these feelings are hurtful and youths journey to a better place.

All humans really desire is the umbrella called Companionship. To be accepted just because you are truly unique to your other half. The desire to have (it) all is possible. No judgement, love is not arrogant or deceitfull. Love is watching your man eat; eye contact speaks love, happiness, kindness, smiling, touch.

Love is when you turn the light off, and both are sleeping.

Giving your best friend and lover stability. Being there to hold your world in a sacred place between to people that “fit.”

To look after each during sickness and health.