And also blue forget-me-nots,🌻🌼💐🌸

“MY FLOWER GIRL!” March 23, 2018 FREYA’s Day-a

My girl,

My Sweetie,


She is: The (Yellow) Rose of Texas,

I love her – love her power,

And she is also rose red and white roses too,

And chrysanthemums and tulips,

And lilacs, real blue,

And also blue forget-me-nots,

And lilies, when it’s Easter,

And daffodils and


And – Let me tell you, Mee-ster:

She’s a bright petunia in the Autumn or in Summer,

And, when the Winter gives to Spring,

She’ll be an “early comer,”

And her fine fragrance fills my life,

And sets my Heart in motion,

And, without her, don’t know what I’d do,

‘Cause she’s my magic potion!

fin. ❤


Brilliant heart full poem

Never thought the Texas Cowboy had sweet thoughts

Congratulations, awesomeness 🌼🌹🌸💐


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