I DO love him❤♥❤♥❤

“ON ‘APPROPRIATE’ RESPONSES!” ❤ March 20, 2018 – a Two-z-Day!

The subtlest control freak that you’ll ever meet,

Lives in a shoe – and will hardly dare eat!

He’ll talk to you kindly – and has so much to say,

And – you’d better best listen and give him his way!

He’ll praise you and praise you with his magic wand,

But give him responses of which he is fond,

Because, if you don’t, he’ll-withdraw all that pleasure,

And criticize you and your “faults” without measure,

And IF you get “shy” and fail to respond,

(Then) he’ll call you on that too – and say you lack “bond!”

CONTROL FREAKS love cultures and systems’ solutions,

A plan to lace shoes by-the-book,


“There’s an “M-1-A” Way to conduct life just so,

Culture and etiquette are things you MUST know!”

So please the “controllers,” for-they-know-the-RIGHT-way,

And they’ll tell you about it – they’ll tell you all day!

Well, my friend in the shoe – didn’t call for a while,

And, of course, I DO love him – his charm and his style!

I went once to visit, but his laces were tight,

On the shoe that he lived in,


There’s a sign on his shoe, and I cried when I read:

“I’ve no time for people; I want you all dead!”

You know, last I heard, his opinion – in stone,

Had caused his “associates” to leave him alone,

For – he said, “Agree-with-me – and do ALL I feel,

‘Cause I am The God of The Perfect, Done Deal!”

And they heard Him explain, as he drove out of sight:

“I know best, All you fools,

For I see ‘GOD’s’ Pure Light!”

fin. ❤