“I’m Sorry About Putting Out Fires!”)♨♨♨♨

MONDAY: 03/19/2018 “Re: THE TACTICAL PRACTICAL ROMANTIC-AL SABBATICAL,“ (a.k.a.: “I’m Sorry About Putting Out Fires!”) I just want some peace – To-lay-in-bed-all-day * To be a bloody bedbug – to kiss a lot, OK? Is that too much to ask for? “IS THAT TOO MUCH?“ I say. I just know – that-I-want – to – have-it-just-my-way! * And Then – along – came [pause] A-practical day! * AND-THERE-W A S-SOME-OF-THAT – and-I-shouted: “Hurray!” BUT * I got me hungry – I-needed-to-pee-OK? And my hair got tangled – And – I-pee-ed on-our-“bouquet!” * And-I-looked-deeply-in-your eyes-to-say: “Why don’t I feel more peaceful? HEY?!” [pause] And, then, you turned to me – with a cheeky grin: and you held my hand – and-COMMITTED-SIN, by saying: “I-KNOW-you-WANT-peace – and-pastries-from-the-bistro * And-you-don’t-wanna-be-anxious – YOU JUST WANT SOME EASE-FUL! * BUT! [pause] And-I-THINK-I told-you THIS before: Life is seldom much (of) a bore! Y’know! LIFE’S SELDOM * MUCH (OF) A DREAM! (‘Cause)-people DIE AND SHOUT and scream * Life’s-a-mess, and we are too – AND LIFE’S ’bout FIRES – FIRES! Ooo-ooh! * And putting-them-out, so we can crawl * Back In Bed – To: Kiss-and-maul! * BUT you must know, I’m-in-love-with-you! * So, we’ll-put-out-fires – And, then, we’ll s – – – – OR – we-might-fall-a-sleepy-too – and dream-of-little Winnie-Pooh! But-there’s-nobody [pause] I’d-rather-put-fires-out-with-but-you!” And then she smiled at me – and we began to coo! And we fell quite asleep – in body fluid goo! 🙂 – Oo-ooh! ❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI0qwznqiis&list=RDWI0qwznqiis