Blessings, Luke Le Bree.😇

Read this most trusted people for it comes to you in the timing of all that is real. The completeness of God takes in all life here on earth as well as all that lives within the layers of the unseen.
The life on earth that each of you lay claim to, has throughout your history rebelled against the oneness of love, being Gods law. The reason being in rebellion brings a false feeling of power yet it is always short lived and you find other Idols to support and another false sense of power arises as you destroy the previous Idol.
The truth and real reality is always in existence for it is life itself and love is its reward to rest in. So God calls to you to turn to this which will uplift you to true reality , but it requires you to believe in the beautiful workings of Gods presents. It asks you to let go of the temporary stirrings of rebellion and power and take on the total faith that delivers you to the paradises of Life itself. Only through your choice to have total faith in the power of love (God) and his mercies through the Savior (Jesus Christ ) then your faith will deliver you to the only permanent reality of truth.
You sit now in the very times that has been prophesied that will bring you home to truth and into the very family of God through your choice to live Gods law. Otherwise if your choice is to believe in the falseness of separation from love (God) you will then perish by the choice you have accepted as your power and understanding which is darkness (separation from the light)
Each day dearest family of God make yourself aware of the truth of life and have the faith to (walk on water) live it. Blessings, Luke Le Bree.