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– When I’m GoneπŸ•ŠLuke Le Bree.πŸ•Š

My beautiful people of my heart, Many times we are challenged by the part of us which is not got the human consciousness and would like to take us over for nothing exists for it out side of what we see touch and hear. The other side of ourselves see’s the unseen, hears that which is not heard , and feels the glorious connection of all that is. If the latter is active in prayer and awareness it is protected and made stronger so the wild side of the other part of us , becomes tame and feels safe to surrender to this Higher part of ourselves. If on the other hand that higher part becomes lazy and unaware of its higher calling it will be taken and devoured by the lower aspect and you then live in a world where everyone is putting down others and fighting for supremacy.
So my beautiful ones become one throughout your day with our God of love in the privacy of your world and in your prayers find answers to all you need to rise to. Know only you can limit yourself ,for when you move as one with God miracles will follow. For your awareness has been set free to create all that will uplift the people trapped in a violent world of limitation. Today I asked of you friends to pray for a young lady with cancer , she has a 3 year old child and her mum needs a miracle , remember a miracle is not a wish for a good result , its knowing the best outcome can happen and will happen no matter the outcome. Empower yourselves by letting your relationship with God, is the most important step for you and all you come in contact with. Be a warrior of love and light and except nothing else. I know each of you are moving if not already doing this wonderful accomplishment, and I weep for the beauty i see in you. Blessings. Luke Le Bree.