“DON’T DUMP ON ME!” March 15, 2018 – Thursday – St. Pat’s Day is close!! VERY close! Remember: Cosmic Karaoke on Saturday at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, U. S. A. 🙂 To be sung to the tune of “Danny Boy:”

[So, it is almost St. Patrick’s Day! On “Shamrock Day,” we can all wear green, talk like leprechauns & shed sympathetic tears, as we listen to “O Danny Boy,” every mother’s favorite song for the last many years. Although we can be be certain the melody is from Ireland, it is equally certain that Frederic Weatherly, an Englishman, wrote the lyrics. The big question: WHAT DO THE LYRICS MEAN?

My favorite “take” is that it has to do with this pair of precious, Irish lovers. For some reason, either because he has to go to war or he is off to “find himself” in The World, the young man leaves his sweetheart behind and ventures off. She writes him, to indicate her determination to wait for him forever, perhaps die and then wait in the grave, until he returns to recite a few “Ave Maria’s over her grave.
Anyway, whatever the meaning of the words, we can all cry crocodile tears once more! However, given my interpretation of these lyrics, I have written a set of my own, considering the possible sentiments of “modern day girls,” and just how they would take “Danny’s abandonment!” I think most girls in this day and age would respond in a slightly different way than in days gone by. It might be: SOMETHING LIKE THIS:]

Oh, Danny Boy, I’ve waited long to see-ee you –

Why did you go?

When you knew

My Heart Bleeds!?

I need(ed) you HERE –

Right Here – inside my bo – -o- som,

So, why’d you run and overlook my needs?

I send this le-e-e-e-tter – it

Was written in my blood –

So you might feel – the

hurt you’ve put me through,

And, as you smell – the toxic fumes

Emmi-i-tted –

This letter bomb will (surely)

Put an

End To You.

The Dublin Post reported,

Only yesterday –


Very Much

Of Danny – was retrieved!

His best girl – the

One he left some time

Ago –

Was at his wake,

BUT – she was NOT bereaved!

Oh, Danny Boy, I

visited your grave site –

There – I took a squat,

And hoped it was aimed right,

Between your eyes –

And, yes, I ate some vile stuff,

that I am sure will,

Curse you (always)




fin. ❤