Dance of mystery💔💔❤


a poem: “JUST DO IT”
a.k.a.: “Trey Is Always Painting!”

When Trey came up the other day,
He came right in . . . perhaps Monday!
“This, I wish!” he said to me,
“To see you paint . . .” I said to he:
“Well, when I paint, no clothes I wear,
So, I’m not sure if you would dare!
But, I suggest a thing or two,
For painting, IF you’d like me to:

Here-’tis, no joke, THE BIG SURPRISE!
3 things, in painting, do arise:
There’s brush; there’s paint; and there’s some space . . .
Place brush, in paint, blankness? . . . erase . . . .
Just DO IT! (long pause) Do It! (another really long pause)
Stroke by Stroke . . . .

Just have faith . . .

and Trey awoke!

THE MYSTIC POET. March 14th . . . . Tuesday . . ..,d.eWE