“LITTLE SHIRTS: FOR ‘THE LITTLES!’“ Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gonna make me some little shirts!

That’s what I will do –

For my friends “The Littles,”

Who live inside my shoe!

I-gotta-do-it: Something SOON,

‘Cause “my (bloody) ship” may sink,

With-all-these-little-hangers –

Tell me what you think?

Shall I make a dozen – and put each with a hanger?

And wait to see IF “they” show up? Each LITTLE “little wanger!?”

IF I make twelve, and-they-disappear – Then I can make some more –

And I’ll make little cookies too, and Bake ‘em by the score! 🙂

fin. ❤

[Yea! You think that’s a lot of hangers and that I have nothing to do with my free time except make hangers, but you haven’t yet seen all the hangers in the back yard, hanging off the trees – well, you know, everyone needs a hobby! Some people watch a lot of TV, y’know – games shows, “reality shows,” FOX news, televangelists, classic movies, etc. (or play video games!)! Actually, making hangers takes about 2% of the amount of time necessary to watch as much TV as most people watch. So, my dilemma is: What to do with that 98%! I decided I would take over The World! When that became too much responsibility, I contacted an associate and asked him if he would do it. Donald said: “Of course, J Jay, I mean, The Mystic Poet, I’ll be happy to – anything for you!” I said: “Gracias, Donald, I mean, D!” He & M & me & the kids had a modest dinner that night, eating mostly crow. I just love crow, the way M cooks it. Tastes like chicken!] The Mystic Poet 🙂