“outside the bounds of human decency!” 🤐

Peanut butter sales have sky-rocketed in British Columbia, Canada; local officials in Vancouver are baffled by a sudden, voracious appetite of its citizens for the brown, gooey paste! Many Canadian dogs have banded together, in a protest of “canine proportions,” which is attracting attention around the world! It is well known that many small animals have peanut intolerance and simply must avoid “the bean,” as they call it! Dogs {and cats} from The United States, Mexico and around the world are also joining in the protests and festivities! Food markets are growling with disapproval over all the media attention, even though it is helping their sales in many respects!!

Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau, with his trusty friend Kenzie, who became a “special” part of the family in 2016, at his side said: “We LOVE our pet(s) SO much – well, just . . . SO MUCH!” Kenzie, now nearly 2 years old seemed exhausted . . .

And perplexed by all of the commotion! None-the-less, Kenzie wore a delirious smile, as the family indulged in doggie biscuits and caviar.

“There’s NOTHING we wouldn’t do for our Kenzie!” barked Mrs. Trudeau, as she had another biscuit! Kenzie indicated to this reporter that these matters were “simply not to be discussed,” that they were “outside the bounds of human decency!” 🙂 – “What about poochie decency?!”


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Just a message to Canada 😯

just who introduced this “sick” Bill in Parliment?

Just why would animals need intercourse with humans 🙄

You are not human

Think of this Bill as a pack of perverts 😔

Shame on Canada 😒🙁😣

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Canada “fuck” yourself 😝😝🙁🤐