Yummy Honey 🍢🍦🍰☕🎂🏺

“CHOCOLATE – – – – ADDICTION!” Thursday: March 8, 2018.

Life can be VERY difficult, When you can’t find the chocolate hidden!

IF I can’t get it fast – someone’ll DIE! And I’M NOT KIDDIN’!

Lover No. 1: “Where’s the chocolate!?”

Lover No. 2: “It’s IN BED here, (but it’s) under the covers!”

Lover No. 1 (again): I am so in love with you, we’re floating! My-lover-hovers!!

I am just Flying, Lucidly, Over nips OF CHOCOLATE! And Wonk-a, will-he,

Be jealous, When-he-sees-me-eatin’-’til-I’m-silly!

I’ll eat the dark, sweet treats until I pass out too!

And I can add REAL CREAM, To this loving that we do!

fin. ❤