Disney Land madness, Facebook fakes 😖😕🤒🤐

Those guys will make you think you are the “one.”

The only “ONE” is what hangs off them my mum used say is their aeroplane gear!


This guy had me going alright

Until a girlfriend said guys that don’t have a conversation with you are the “Ones” that play with private parts


Anyway, this guy goes to sleep in the bath constantly😴

You think that is strange?

Guess what happened 😛

Today a mate of his texts me and tells me this latest guy that calls me the “ONE.”


You see the guy always makes excuses why he never turned up!

He says I tell you, sorry honey fell asleep in the bath!

Sleep for hours in a cold bath!😥

Christ, I believed him

All the time making me feel downright sorry for him😔

And all along he had been Sexting with bloody who knows

Probably with scammers

Lesson learnt,

Gee, do I hate social media 🕷😲🕸