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“GO(O)DLY PACING!” Dedicated to: M ❤ Friday: March 2, 2018.

When “the flurries” do arise: SLOW DOWN, Friends – DO BE WISE.

Pace Yourself – Pick YOUR pick –

And don’t let others make you sick!

When “the flurries” reach crescendo –

Take a breath – Set The Tempo,

Ride your “bike;” Take a walk,

Smile often – with (a) little talk,

Plus, some silence – TV too,

You-are-my-LOVE: Be KIND to you,

Do not fret – IF others smirk,

Just Slow Down – Let critics twerk,

“Be Your Brothers’ Keeper,” see?

BUT “a door mat,” don’t you be!

Easy does it – with “cool” style,

SLOW DOWN, Sweetie! Breathe and Smile!

fin. ❤