Last Ditch

“GIRLS!” {artwork; “Girl Barista [Girlista!] Making Coffee, Yea!”} November 4, 2017.

GIRLS! (pause)

They’re always (pause)

Doin’ (pause)


To keep-us (pause)

Awake (pause)

And imbalanced enough!

So they (pause)

Can manipulate Our feeble frames!

And gossip a bunch,

Just usin’ their brains!

And “compete” with us – and ALWAYS WIN!

And, as-a-last-ditch-effort,

Accuse us o’ sin!

Because –

Just-one-whiff, And we’re “out of it!″

“See,” she says; (pause)

“You’re just-a-half-wit!”

But, y’know, we love ‘em; they keep “perspectives,”

On all of life’s “Heavenly Directives!!!”

They DO remind us, from death until birth,

We’re a bunch o’ animals, scratching this Earth!

fin. ❤

However, y’know, now-(that)-I’ve-written-these-things:

WE DO remind them –

That (pause)

We’ve-ALL-got-angel-wings! 🙂