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Last Ditch

“GIRLS!” {artwork; “Girl Barista [Girlista!] Making Coffee, Yea!”} November 4, 2017.

GIRLS! (pause)

They’re always (pause)

Doin’ (pause)


To keep-us (pause)

Awake (pause)

And imbalanced enough!

So they (pause)

Can manipulate Our feeble frames!

And gossip a bunch,

Just usin’ their brains!

And “compete” with us – and ALWAYS WIN!

And, as-a-last-ditch-effort,

Accuse us o’ sin!

Because –

Just-one-whiff, And we’re “out of it!″

“See,” she says; (pause)

“You’re just-a-half-wit!”

But, y’know, we love ‘em; they keep “perspectives,”

On all of life’s “Heavenly Directives!!!”

They DO remind us, from death until birth,

We’re a bunch o’ animals, scratching this Earth!

fin. <3

However, y’know, now-(that)-I’ve-written-these-things:

WE DO remind them –

That (pause)

We’ve-ALL-got-angel-wings! 🙂

“She Believes In Me” Home💟

“OPTIMIST PRIME!” a.k.a.: “Smile! All Will Work Out!” Friday: 03/02/2018 Dedicated: to Daddio!

THE ETERNAL HOPE-R hopes for the best,

Even-when “All’s Lost” and There is “No Rest

For The Wicked” And Hopeless, who “throw in the towel!”

THE OPTIMIST says: (and (s)he’s a wise owl!):

“Just KNOW – That, That, That – ‘All’s well in the end!’ ”

And, like a kind person, (s)he’ll help out (a) FRIEND!

“The Eternal Hope-r” has visions and dreams,

And simply doth KNOW: It’s not as it seems,

When it seems HOPELESS, (s)he’s got a smile,

To comfort all cry-ers, who moan all the while,

When this one or that

Is down “for the count,”

THE ETERNAL HOPE-R arrives with a “mount,”

And loads the weary carcasses – and gives all a ride,

Until we are animated, to resume our “stride,”

SO, if you’re depressed OR you’ve just had enough,

“The Eternal Hope-r” will sure call your bluff!

fin. <3

Watch “Leann Rimes – Please Remember” on YouTube

“GO(O)DLY PACING!” Dedicated to: M <3 Friday: March 2, 2018.

When “the flurries” do arise: SLOW DOWN, Friends – DO BE WISE.

Pace Yourself – Pick YOUR pick –

And don’t let others make you sick!

When “the flurries” reach crescendo –

Take a breath – Set The Tempo,

Ride your “bike;” Take a walk,

Smile often – with (a) little talk,

Plus, some silence – TV too,

You-are-my-LOVE: Be KIND to you,

Do not fret – IF others smirk,

Just Slow Down – Let critics twerk,

“Be Your Brothers’ Keeper,” see?

BUT “a door mat,” don’t you be!

Easy does it – with “cool” style,

SLOW DOWN, Sweetie! Breathe and Smile!

fin. <3