It’s paralysing, past relationship’s 😁©️

We all have that one love experience we compare all others to. Usually this experience happened when we were younger. For some, high school. Others, in their twenties. We rememeber it like it was yesterday. That deep warm feeling of losing youself in someone. Like sinking into a warm bath after a long day of snow.

I’ve been there. I’ve been under. It’s paralyzing, in a good way. Pure dopamine into the heart with a f*cking needle. Makes you feel invincible. All your problems go away. Well, at least for a little bit. Because it was also lined with control, jealousy, and dependence, which creates distortion and gets me to ask the question,

So stop comparing what was with what is. Stop holding old love up on a high shelf because it doesn’t belong there. It belongs in clearance. It’s outdated. You are different today. What you want and are attracted to is different. And it doesn’t live in your head. It lives here. Lean into it. Live it. Create a new love experience that eclipses all others.

Old love wasn’t love. Old love was chaos, confusing, filling a lot of holes. Old love was learning. Old love was discovery. Old love was not knowing. Old love was experimental. Old love was impulsive. Old love was destruction. Old love was wasn’t love.I believe I’ve come close a few years ago.

But I don’t think I have experienced true adult intimacy. I mean I have loved hard. But there’s a difference between loving hard and experiencing a healthy adult relationship. This is not to blame the other person. Maybe I wasn’t ready or there yet. So is it fair to compare young love, the love that created the creator size imprint in our heart, to the love we are experiencing today? Of course not. It’s apples and oranges.

It was a
glimpse of
paradise as the
ocean waves rolled
over my senses with
the tropical heat blazing
against my delicate corporeal
flesh. I felt every colour
washing over me as
the tides pulled me
under+I flourished
in the uprising…

Oh! My final thoughts on relationships

I’m not going to do that idiot things again

😁I just retired myself and my new profession is now BED 🐛 BUG

(last week I was presented with one of those invasive questions, it read “PROFESSION”! 😁)