I Can See Clearly Now With Sunshine ☀

“JUST SECURE A STURDY SHIP!” Wednesday: 02/28/2018 ❤


It is just a choice!

Made by SERIOUS people, who THINK they have no voice!

Who THINK there is a GOD above, who has abandoned them,

To the wiles of a demon, who may-be

Will condemn,

Them to countless years-


Suf – fer – ing and toil!

And burn their skin,

And hurt at them,

And pop their every boil!!

Serious – ness is a trend,

That’s ALWAYS been a fad!

IF you can just let go of it,

It won’t be all that BAD!

Just decide that MAYBE,

You don’t need INSURANCE!

Or NEED the latest health food pill,

Or a-lot-more filthy currenc (y)!

Just turn them TVs off A WHILE, and do not worry that:

Some Chinese mogul’s taking over,

The Presidential Hat!

OR – You can just admit (pause)

That Future Money Earnings,

Are not as nearly as important,

As romantic yearnings!!

It’s said that Jesus laughed a lot,

Perhaps, to calm our nerves!

Knowing that the lot of us,


IF you all are real worried,


Will lift you up and drown you –

And YOU,

No one can save,



In this

Fear-based domain,

Just find yourself a sturdy ship,

And you’ll avoid the strain!

And you-can-secure-such-sturdy-vessel,

By calling out its name:

Which is:


And, then,

Your life is tame!

fin. ❤